Popular Ukrainian artist Vladimir Kuts was born on January 11th , 1960 in Kerch, Crimea.

First, who noticed artistic abilities of Vladimir was his grandfather Peter Stolyarenko, a recognized master of painting in Ukraine and in the world. And he was not wrong. By advice of grandfather, Vladimir began to study painting. Firstly in the Studio of Fine Arts, then in the Art School and since 1983 in the Crimean Art College of N.S. Samokish.

In 1984 he begun to study at the restoration department at the Kiev State Art Institute, then he was transferred to the faculty of easel painting in the workshop of Professor Aleksander Lopukhov.

After an excellent defense of his thesis “ Fishing Weekdays” in 1990, Vladimir became a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

In 2002 under the guidance of Professor, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine V. Gurin, Vladimir completed his postgraduate studies at the Kiev National Academy of Arts and Architecture.

Since 1987, the artist has been exhibiting his works at more than 60 All-Ukrainian, International, Foreign exhibitions, more than 10 of which are personal. The artist’s paintings have gained worldwide fame, many of them located in museums and private collections, not only in his native Ukraine, but also in Russia, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Canada, Japan, the USA.

The painting “ Ascension ” was selected on a competitive basis and was presented to Pope John Paul II by the Ukrainian delegation. Since 2003, this artwork has been kept in the personal collection of Pope in Vatican.

In 2004, Vladimi Kuts was awarded the International Order of St. Stanislav for his contribution to world culture. In addition, the name of the artist, along with the outstanding masters of painting Fedor Zakharov, Peter Stolyarenko, Valentine Bernardsky, was included in the catalog “The Golden Fund of the Nation” (2011), published under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, as well as in the publication “100 specialties of Ukraine” as a person, who made a significant contribution to Ukrainian and world painting.